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I am pleased to announce the members of Steel Mill Retro. 
We will be playing all of the Steel Mill songs from the old 
days and some songs that we just like to play.




John Galella

John is a veteran of various NJ based cover and original bands including the Albert Miller Group (with former members of the Critters (Mr. Die-ingly Sad), Simply Shania (tribute), and few original projects like the Stock Boys and Probably Taken.

John writes as well, and had interest from a NYC jazz label in the mid 80's. John was a very close friend to our previous guitarist, Bernie, his guitar mentor.

Vini "Maddog" Lopez

Vini "Maddog" Lopez has been involved in the music field for over forty years.  He first played a valve bugle in a drum corp., not drums as one would expect.  When Vini met Buzzy Lubinsky, who played drums along with records, Vini became hooked.  Buzzy helped him with the drums and within a year, Vini joined SONNY AND THE STARFIRES. Playing with Sonny for a few years gave him the experience and knowledge of how rock n' roll worked.  Soon after Vini and Danny Federici were looking for a guitar player who could sing, when they encountered Bruce Springsteen.  Bruce joined their band where things evolved from there, such as Steel Mill and eventually the E STREET BAND.  Vini played on Bruce's first two albums, 'Greetings from Asbury Park' and 'The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle'.  Since then, Vini has played songs on Bruce's 'Tracks', '18 Tracks' and 'The Essential Bruce Springsteen'.  Vini went on and played with many shore area bands (see Band Chronology) as well as his own band THE DISCO REJECTS.  Vini had the idea of performing and recording the STEEL MILL  songs for a while as no one has performed these songs live for over thirty years.  Bruce has given him permission years ago to perform the STEEL MILL but to be sure, he met backstage with Bruce at the Meadowlands show on July 21, 2003 and approval was given to perform and record STEEL MILL songs.  After that Vini played Spirit in the Night with the band.  Vini is now doing just that with his band STEEL MILL RETRO and let's hope the rest is history.   




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