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Welcome to the "official" Steel Mill Retro website

I am pleased to announce the members of Steel Mill Retro.
We will be playing all of the Steel Mill songs from the old days 
and some songs that we just like to play.

Our new CD
All Man the Guns for America"
Get a copy


Steve Lusardi,    John Galella,   Vini Lopez,    Adam Glenn







Vini "Maddog" Lopez Drums and Vocals
John Galella Lead Guitar and Vocals
Adam Glenn All Keyboards
Steve Lusardi B3

   I, Vini Lopezhave been a musician and singer at the Jersey Shore nearly all of my life. I have been a drummer since 1964 and have performed with many other musicians including, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Chinnock, Paul Whistler, Sonny Kenn, Lance Larson,  and John Lurashchi, just to name a few. I have played with and known so many musicians and people, through the years, that I have decided to share some of my true life experiences and fond memories with everyone. For about 20 years now I have wanted to write my book "The First Beat from E Street". The stories that follow are only a small part of the eventual book that, hopefully, will follow. These are the stories of all of the musicians at the Jersey Shore, who made the whole music scene great. 
I hope that as time goes on more of you will get to hear our band. We do it like the old days. The music of STEEL MILL, written by Bruce Springsteen, is timeless. It works now just as it worked in the late 60s and early 70s. We have a great time playing this great music and I know that you will have a great time listening and dancing along with our band. We made this band so you could hear a live band play this music the way it was supposed to be played.

IMG_0416-1.jpg image by vinidog
Vini with Jason Bonham

wpe1.jpg (34312 bytes)
Vini in

Tinker.jpg (68882 bytes)
Tinker with his crew back in the 60s

wpe5.jpg (86138 bytes)
We will miss you

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